Both teams have the same ML files

We have 2 teams 11617 and 11729. The ML models and dataset are the same. All our models for 11729 have disappeared. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated?

Can you post a screenshot of the Models tab for team 11729? Make sure that team 11729 is the team number shown in the upper right.

Are you, by any chance, trying to view both teams on the same computer? The cookies controlling the ftc-ml session often cause me to “swap” to the “most recent logged in session” when trying to have two (or more) teams open in different tabs.

If you want to have 11617’s account open in one tab or browser window, and 11729’s account open in another tab or browser window, you need to be using different Chrome Profiles so that the session cookies don’t interfere with each other.

If that’s not it, if you could provide us with some more information that would be helpful. If I log into both accounts I see each account’s models.


Yup - this is the issue! Logging in to a different computer and all the files are back :slight_smile: