Bricked Control Hubs with latest update

When we tried to upload the most recent update to two of our Control Hubs, they were essentially “bricked.” They both have exactly the same symptoms/problems:

  • Light never changes to green after starting
  • Cannot connect through WiFi or USB from Driver station or PC (We can, however, connect to them like they are a USB device using Windows explorer and look at the files on them)
  • When we hook up a HDMI monitor, we see what is probably best described as a “phone screen” with most of the typical things you’d expect to see showing on an Android phone. (When we hook the monitor to a functioning Control Hub, we see a lower level “black screen with text” that acts more like a “shell window” or an old "DOS screen.)
  • Trying to do the reset by holding down the button and powering the unit on doesn’t work. We continue to hold the button, but the light never goes through the color cycle and the “phone screen” display comes up on the monitor.

We are afraid to update our remaining Control Hubs for fear of bricking those as well. Since they aren’t available for purchase or repair at the moment, do you have any suggestions on how we can get them up and running again? It seems like a software issue since they are booting up as android devices, but just aren’t finishing the process to get to the mode where they are ready to act as control hubs.

Rev has been unable to help other than to point us to this forum.

I’ve attached a shot of what the screen looks like when I hook up an HDMI monitor to either one.

I’m having problems pulling the logs over the USB cable. (I pulled them once, but the files are blank.)

Kerry Hicks
Coach, DRSS Enterprise
FTC Team 4537


note: The Robot controller app was originally written for an android phone, so the Control Hub is really just an android device that automatically launches the Robot COntroller App.

A “Normal” screen shot for a functioning Control Hub would be the RobotController App Screen.
If you were to exit that App, then you would get exactly the screen that you posted to the thread. (I was doing that myself today)

So… first indication is that the RC app is not launching. It’s broke… But it should be easy to remove and try again.

If you also attach a mouse to the Control Hub via USB (whil ethe hdmi monitor is plugged in) , you can interct with the screen to make selections etc. just like on a phone.

If you double click on the gear icon, it opens up the settings App. Go to the “Apps” option and see what apps are loaded. My first approach would be to uninstall the Robot Controller app. find it on the list, click it and then select Uninstall.

Once you have done that, you should restart the CH, and I’d then plug it into a PC running the REV Hardware Client to load the RC app again.

Since you are having trouble, it’s possible that your RHC has a bad copy of the app???
I would suggest having it download the 8.0 CH app. again (using the download button) and then update the CH.

This thread sounds exactly like your problem as well. Lots of recommendations here, I recommend reading the entire thread and not just the end.