Camera not detected in autonomous

Hi, we are in the offseason, getting ready for the Buc Days event this Saturday and our autnomous doesnt detect the camera anymore :frowning:

We tried different things like changing the camera, re-building the project using the latest EasyOpenCV 1.6.2

We have a block program to check the Camera stream using Vufiria libraries and thats working fine. However switching to autonomous and OpenEasyCV, the camera doesnt lite up and no Camera stream option after INIT mode.

Not sure what else to check, please help - if this channel is still monitored :slight_smile:

Have you tried to create a new simple program and follow the simple EasyOpenCV tutorial? If you’ve verified that the problem isn’t your camera nor the configuration, then it’s usually some kind of simple misspelling or modification that you may have inadvertently made. Making a simple program and verifying it works can help you track down the problem in a complex one.