Cannot load tensor flow model to control hub

Have done all the model training in the FTC-ML area. But cannot load in to Control hub. I do not have the drag down box shown in EVERY tutorial found on web and FIRST areas. All I see in a Blue text line that says “Manage TensorFlow Lite Models”. When I click on it nothing happens. Please help! What am I missing???

This is because you’re accessing the manage page from within the REV Hardware Client. At present, that link opens the Tensorflow model management page in a new tab, but the REV Hardware Client knows nothing about “tabs” so no action is taken. To access that page, you need to connect your computer to the Control Hub or Phone wifi, and access the management page with a web browser (chrome) through the address mentioned in the “program and manage” page in the driver station.

Once you connect to the Robot Controller app via your web browser, that link works as expected.

We have fixed this so that it works in the REV Hardware Client in the upcoming 8.1 SDK.


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WOW, thanks Danny!

I have been asking this question for over a week in different places. You are the first to give a real answer.

So if it shows on the “My TensorFlow Lite models” area. The contol hub will use it when I specify the model name in my blocks code. Do I need the “.tflite” in the name inside of blocks or just the file name I have given it?

Again super thankful for your help!

So Danny doesnt have to spend more than a glance, The entire name with the .tflite extension is necessary. We have .90 Confidence levels on all three positions, Yay,

Again thanks