Cannot perform back-to-back debug sessions (wireless)

We are using Android Studio connected to the Control Hub via WiFiDirect to perform wireless debug of our Opmodes. We are able to successfully attach to the Control Hub for a single remote debug session. However, if we make changes to our code and attempt to re-launch (whether via Run or Debug) we lose connection with the Control Hub. By lose connection, I mean the Control Hub stays blinking blue (we’ve waited up to 10 minutes) and neither Android Studio nor the Driver Station will connect to it. However, we can still perform adb commands vis the terminal (like ‘adb reboot’) even though USB is not connected. So the WiFi and adb connections are persisting, but some higher layer of that connection is breaking.

It is also worth noting that we can perform back-to-back Runs from Android Studio to the Control Hub successfully. It’s only when we attempt a Run or Debug after a remote debug session that the connection breaks.

I’d like to know if anyone else is successfully using remote debug and has seen this issue. Thanks.