Control hub wifi no showing on the android phone

We have a issue with the control hub not showing the wifi wehn looking for it on my android phone to connect with driver station. I was wondferiong if anyone can help us fix the problem.

Pine Forge Academy Robotics Team.

You don’t say where you are in the process…

Are you attempting to bind to the Robot Controller for the first time, or are you already bound, and trying to re-connect.

If it’s the first time… there are some things to check…

  1. Does your phone support 5GHz WiFi (Some early phones do not). If it can’t your phone may not be legal for competition, but you can still use it for practice, in which case you need to connect to the RC with yoyr computer and go to the Program and manage page and select 2.4GHz Wifi.

  2. Have you paired your phone to the RC?. If not, go to the Setting option on the DS App (three dots menu) and use the Pair With Robot option. You will need to select the RC’s WiFi before continuing.

If you still can’t see the RC’s WiFi, try looking for it with a laptop.

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We are trying to connect the control hub for the first time, and we’ve watched YouTube videos but that isn’t working either.

Hi, I don’t think our phones support 5G but what is the latest phone that is compatible with the robots?

Game Manual 1 has a complete listing of phones that are legal to use this season.