Cost to setup a personal Google Cloud project and train

“Teams or individuals that want to train independently may provision their own server within a personal Google Cloud project”

Can you estimate the cost of doing this? Including VM, storage and GPU. Thanks

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Google gives a $300 credit to be used over 3 months for new accounts. You are not likely to blow through $300 within 3 months unless you are doing a lot of TPU training.

After that it’s all dependent upon what resources you provision in the cloud project tied to your billing account. The best I can give you there is to look at the terraform resource descriptions in the terraform directory in the repository to get an idea of what is provisioned and then look up the price pages for the various resources and/or use the cloud pricing estimator.

If you set up your project using the free credits and run it for a month you’d get a pretty good idea of what your monthly costs would be.