Could someone help us interpret our event log file?

We are having frequent crashes when trying to run our robot in Autonomous. The program works about 25% of the time and when an error occurs, it is either “Robot stopped responding to commands while op mode was running” or the whole robot restarts. I have an event log from last night, but we are not sure how to interpret it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

When I see “whole robot restarts” I’m much more prone to suspect an electrical problem. Such as a loose power connector or a stalled motor. Often the event log is crouded with so many errors when such an event occurs it’s hard to determing the triggering event, and if you get a power glitch it’s possible the log isn’t even preserved.

What is your programming environment, and how sophisticated is your Auto program (is it vanilla, or does it use fancy vision processing, threads, custom libraries etc). Also, do you get ANY errors or warnings prior to the event?.

Do you see any simmilar events in teleop?

I’m actually the coach and am not a programmer by any means, but the kids are definitely using custom vision models, odometry, and custom libraries. They do not appear to be having any issues in teleop. We have proactively changed out the hub power connection and also the RS 485 comm cable, but have not tested since that (will happen tonight). The failures do seem to follow a pattern, so that was leading me to a coding issue. I wondered if some of their vision logic was causing an issue with watchdog timer or something similar.

Programmer just told me that it crashed while not running op mode also.

You mean it crashed while not running Auto Opmode, or not running ANY opmode?

At this point we need more information… either posting the error log, or a link to the code, or a description to what you are doing when the crash occurs (the pattern you mentioned)…

You can view the log using REV Hardware Client, which highlights errors, but you will want to hone in on a specific failure. Record the exact time that it occurs, and lookup that time in the log…

Alternatively you can connect to the CH wirelessly (like when downloading a new program) and watch the LogCat in real time using Android Studio. For me, this is easier as you see the fault happen in real time, and any log messages turn up immediatly. This also lets you skip all the messages that happen normally when stopping and starting the app.