Difficulty setting up phone to connect to control hubs

On my laptop, I see the FTC control hub in the network settings. But, when I check on the phone, with airplane mode but wifi on I only see the other networks in my vicinity - not the control hub.

These are Moto G (part of FTC kits we got a couple of years ago.)

I followed the steps in the documentation 2022-2023 first tech challenge blocks programming guide starting about page 27.

We do have the drive station software installed on the phone and the hub has the latest versions of software and firmware applied.

Help, please.

This is a common issue with the older Moto G phones, and the advice that we provide that almost always solves the problem in the first go-around is to follow the instructions on the “Phone Cleanup and Prep” instructions on the ftc-docs website. The older Android OS versions on the older Android Phones have a nasty habit of “going awry” when there are too many (or misconfigured) devices in its network tree, so cleaning up all of the network configurations and remembered networks is critical. Follow all of the cleanup instructions, and try again.


A simple problem may be that your older Motorola phone may not support 5Gig networks (not 5G but 5 GHz)

If your phone is a Moto G2 it only does 2.4GHz WiFi.

One way to get connected would be do downgrade the Control Hub to 2.4 GHz and see if it Magically appears. You can do this from the Program and Manage page when you connect to the CH from your PC.


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Great catch, Phil. Please remember that for the 2023-2024 CENTERSTAGE season the Moto G2 and other 2.4GHz-only phones are no longer going to be legal to use in official competition.