Driver Hub Disconnectes

We’ve been using the Moto e3 phones for both the robot controller and the driver station. We recently got the REV Driver Hub and have it paired with the Moto e3 Robot controller attached to an expansion hub. While the team is driving the robot around, the Rev Driver Hub reports that it is disconnected from the robot controller. We’ve switched from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz and still experience the same issue. If we switch back to the Moto e3 phone as a driver station, we don’t experience the disconnect. We are running the latest software and firmware version on all equipment. Any ideas what is causing this and how to fix?

On the REV Driver Hub, in the Android Wi-Fi Settings, “Forget” all Wi-Fi networks.

Also, some cleanup steps might allow your RC phone to interact better with the Driver Hub.

See the section called “Phone Cleanup and Prep” at this ftc-docs article:

Please note the Moto e3 is not an officially supported FTC phone, and not legal for competition (GM 1, RE07).

On BOTH driver side and RC:
<1> Forget all networks
<2> Put it in Airplane mode (turn WiFi back on)
<3> Pair through the Driver Station app. This will step you through the setup of the correct Wi-Fi connection that the app drives.

Most common problem is setting up a WiFi network connection to do updates and then forgetting to forget the network. ;-). To not have this problem, I’d recommend always doing updates via the REV Hardware client.

Thanks for the suggestion and the link. I’ve been running it for about 4 minutes straight and it never disconnected. Also, I mistakenly listed it as a Moto e3, when it is actually a Moto e4, thanks for that notice.

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Thanks for the detailed instructions. With your steps and the help of Westside, we now seem to have it working with no issues. Very much appreciate your help!!