Field Setup Guide incorrect image for Undertile Bar

The setup of the backdrops has bugged me for a bit; I could never seem to get the bar to align properly. Tonight I figured out why; I’m writing to see if the setup guide can be updated slightly, and to confirm my understanding of things.

Page 15 of the most recent Field Assembly guide (revision 4, released 12/7/2023) has this image purportedly showing the location of the elevator bolts for the Undertile Bar:

The screw location in the inset/magnified image doesn’t match the location of the screw location in the field drawing (or in any of the other field drawings or cad model of the field), nor does the inset location work in reality. The inset points to the right side of the undertile bar (as viewed from the audience), but the magnified image shows where the screw would go if it were on the left side of the bar.

If the lines going from the inset image to the field drawing could instead point to the left side of the undertile bar, it would be correct.

This has driven some of our field setup folks crazy trying to match this drawing, when the bar is clearly not long enough to stretch from outer-edge-to-outer-edge of the tile teeth. The bar needs to go from inner-edge-to-inner-edge to fit properly.

Can I get confirmation of the correct location for the elevator bolts, and perhaps an update to the Field Setup Guide?



Thanks, Patrick, I’ll forward this to the GDC.