FIRST Tech Challenge Machine Learning (ftc-ml) Toolchain for TensorFlow


This was just posted to the FTC Blog:

As mentioned in a previous blog, FIRST has been working on beta testing a new cloud-based tool that has been developed by our fabulous technology team comprised of volunteers and staff. We’re happy to announce that the beta test has completed - we had over 60 teams actively participate in the beta test, and the beta was overall a success.

FIRST Tech Challenge would like to extend our thanks to all of the teams who participated, providing us with valuable feedback and improvement suggestions.

The tool is now open to all FIRST Tech Challenge teams! The user manual for the FIRST Tech Challenge Machine Learning Toolchain (ftc-ml) is the starting point for all teams using the tool. The user manual contains instructions on how to log into the tool, add students to team workspaces, and contains the instructions on how to get started with the tool. The toolchain also has a help/feedback forum for those who need help with the tool or to report any issues/problems with using the tool, and how to access that forum is included in the user manual.