FTC Live User Account Features

Where do I find documentation of the features available to the head referee role in FTC live (and how to use them)? I have looked in the Scorekeeper Manual and Referee Training Manual, but no description of what is available to the Head Referee. Same goes for other user accounts, except I’m only really interested in the Head Referee role. Thanks for any direction.

The role has the permissions of a referee and a lead inspector with the addition of the HR page.

The Head Referee page is an advanced beta workflow, so it does not appear in the official documentation yet. The HR information in embedded in FTC Live itself, and will appear to the Scorekeeper & HR on activation of the HR features. Here are some screenshot of that info, but I’d recommend downloading the software and creating a local test event and trying it out. From the Match Control Page, go to the Settings tab and check “Enable Head Referee Page”. It will then popup this info - scrolling through it and clicking “Enable” will make the HR link visible from the home page, and the HR will also have to click “Enable” from the HR page for the in-match features to become available.

Thanks for the information. I did not know it was in Beta test state. I only noticed the HR user role option in the FTC live software this season (since we were remote for the past two seasons). Fortunately, I am familiar with running FTC live so I can certainly test this. It is good to know that these new features will be documented in the HR Manual as most FTC HRs in my region are not as “adventurous” with learning the ins and outs of FTC live (and do not read the Scorekeeper Manual). I would recommend similar documentation paths for any other volunteer roles being considered for FTC live.