Ftc ml not allowing video upload


My name is Eli and my team is trying to create a model to identify all ducks in frames. Our coach joined the beta and gave me access to the ftc ml tool. When I try to log on, all of the boxes are greyed out and I can’t seem to upload a video.

Thanks for the help,


Hey Eli,

You are correct, ftc-ml does not allow anyone but users with Coach1 or Coach2 designation on their team to upload videos - coaches are solely responsible for the content that is uploaded for the team, and they must be the one to upload all content.

I apologize for the omission in the manual - I’ll remedy this in the next version of the manual - but your coach was notified of this restriction prior to the beta test being opened. Please ask your coach to upload the video with their account, and then you can process the video with your account once uploaded.


Hi Danny,

That’s unfortunate but understandable. I will ask my coach to upload the video at our next meeting.

Thanks for your help,


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