FTC-ML Video Upload for Mentor Roles

Hi FTC-ml Support,

I am the lead mentor for FTC Team 16685 but my account in the ftc-ml site shows me as “Team Member”. As a team member, I do not have the ability to upload videos.
Can someone review my account permissions or respond on how to upgrade my account so I can upload video for the Team Member?


Hey Dave!

I have confirmed that you are a mentor, but not yet a Lead Mentor/Coach for your team. The FTC-ML system is only set up to provide Lead Mentor/Coach 1 and Lead Mentor/Coach 2 (as defined by the FIRST Dashboard for each team) the Administrative permissions to upload videos to your team’s workspace. The requirement is one of YPP concerns - only Lead Mentor/Coach 1 and Lead Mentor/Coach 2 are required to be YPP screened, so those are the only 2 roles we can use for providing administrative permissions.