Getting error java: invalid source release: 19 if I compile virtual_robot-master package to run the simulator

I just configured Andriod Studio, installed Java 1.8.0_202. When i try to compile the package, I get this error java: invalid source release: 19

Although I am using Java 1.8, why do i get this error and how to resolve this

What is virtual_robot-master? Where did you obtain this and how does it relate the official SDK published by FIRST over at GitHub - FIRST-Tech-Challenge/FtcRobotController?

I see that you’re trying to use Beta8397’s virtual_robot project. Please remember that this is not an official release by FIRST, and that you will likely get more directed help by creating an issue in their Github project located here:

Please be sure to review this video that the project has made available with instructions on using it within Android Studio.

Thanks a lot for your guidance