Getting Started for a new team

Team #18555 here. Our team would like to train a custom model for use with our team shipping element. Unfortunately I cannot determine how to initially get started. It seems like a “getting started guide” is missing.

I do not see the initial link to use for this tool, nor how to sign up for access. Could someone please point me in the right direction?

The machine learning tool has been in a limited beta for the last few weeks. FIRST is planning on opening it up for all teams in the next few days.

In the meantime, the User Manual is an excellent place to start. There’s a lot of great information in there.

Additionally, there are a couple of general purpose machine learning training resources that we recommend.

Intro to Machine Learning on YouTube
Machine Learning Crash Course directly from Google.

Both of those resources will give you foundational knowledge that will be helpful when you return the FIRST Machine Learning Toolchain to train your first model.

Sections 5.2 and 7 discuss how to take good videos for machine learning training data. You can do that even before you have access to the machine learning tool itself.

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Thanks. Any update as to when “the next few days” might be?

More information here.

We have a fix in the pipeline for the problem described in the post above. Stay tuned.

Hi @crabigator any update when this would be available for rest of the teams?


It’s been open for a few weeks now.

See the announcement here:

I get this error though

The toolchain server is sad right now. Headquarters has been notified.


Sorry for the latency.

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