where is fmltc directory?

Hi, We are following the page, GitHub - FIRST-Tech-Challenge/fmltc: FIRST Machine Learning Toolchain, to setup our own Google cloud server.
Question 1 : In the step #7 for Google Cloud setup, it says " Important! Make sure the current working directory is the fmltc directory when you run these commands.“, can you let me know where is this “fmltc” directory? Should we create it at somewhere? We followed the steps from step #1 and nowhere says where to create this directory? Thanks.
Question 2: In the " Clone the fmltc repo.” section, step #2, it says clone the repo onto your “local” machine. The file name is after download. After this, I don’t see any step to upload it to Google cloud. Then how does this set of program run on Google cloud? Should we upload it to the cloud somewhere?

The fmltc directory is the root of the repository that you cloned from GitHub.

For question 2, you don’t have to know a whole lot about git and GitHub to follow the instructions, but a basic knowledge of git is helpful. I suggest spending a little time walking through some git tutorials. Atlassian has some pretty good, pretty comprehensive documentation. You won’t regret time spent here.

That said, if you downloaded the zip, if you extract the contents to a directory somewhere on your local machine, you’ll then have the full contents of the workspace (a clone so-to-speak), which will likely make the answer to question 1 a little clearer.

Thanks for the reply. I understand how git works and use it everyday at work. But still don’t know how the cloned content on my “local” machine to work on the cloud?

This section describes pushing your local clone to your cloud project instance.