Is there a limit on how long you can use FTC-ML

At out league meet, we were talking to a team about their autonomous, they said something along the lines of “We had to use almost half of our time in the FTC-ML” we are curious if there is a time restraint for this resource, and if so how much is it?

Yes, each team has a fixed number of training hours for training their models. Model training is expensive, it costs us approximately $3,000.00 each month to make the model Training tool available to teams, and model training costs us an extra hourly fee each hour a model is being trained (per model). Teams get 10 hours of training time, 600 minutes, and each model roughly takes 45 minutes of training time to train (conservatively, depending on a number of variables). If you use up half of your time and are finding it difficult to create a viable model, ask us for help. We can look into your account and give you pointers on how to be more successful.

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I had a student who was just going gang buster working on his own and I didn’t realize he burned up all of our training time until I went in a checked just now. But we only have 1 model that works. I need to train another model. Do you know if we can petition for additional time? Any idea who to ask? Thanks

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