Is there an RSS feed for this FTC Forum?

We are using Slack for team collaboration and sharing information together. We have other information from FIRST automatically posting to a Slack channel. Does this FTC Forum have a RSS Feed that we can add to our Slack?

Bearbotics FTC Head Coach Breton

One of the coolest features about Discourse is that EVERY page can be an RSS feed if you want to.

All you have to do is add .rss to the end of any URL (or .json if you need a .json output instead), and it turns that page into an RSS feed that you can use in any RSS reader or plugin.

For example, the URL for the “In the Pits” category is:

You can get to its RSS feed by adding .rss to it like so:

One really useful link is for all posts:


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Latest would be my suggestion to follow.


Thank you!

Coach Breton