Issue trying to use Tensorflow to do a classification of a Team Scoring Element

From an FTC customer: We are trying to use Tensorflow to do a classification of a Team Scoring Element. We originally attempted to get in to the First Machine learning site and are still unable to do so. We made a trained model following information on line, but are unable to load it on to the control hub as described in the PowerPoint.

Hey Stacy,

I’m assuming that when you say Team Scoring Element, you mean be able to recognize a Beacon and/or a Cone? That’s certainly a job for the FIRST Machine Learning site. If there’s an issue with getting logged into the site, please ask the team to come to the forum and we can help them find the right resources to get situated. It’s important to remember that:

(1) You can only access the website if your team is paid for the season.
(2) You can only access your team’s workspace if you’ve been correctly added to the team workspace by your team’s Lead Coach 1 or 2.
(3) You can only upload videos if you’re designated as your team’s Lead Coach 1 or 2 in the FIRST Dashboard.

Teams attempting to create TensorFlow models using tools outside of ftc-ml are not supported by FIRST Tech Challenge. The issue is that most of the model trainers out there use TensorFlow Image Classification (TFIC), which isn’t supported by the FTC robot software. The only type of TensorFlow recognition that is supported is TensorFlow Object Detection (TFOD), and unfortunately most of the examples and tutorials out there for TensorFlow are not maintained and supported when TensorFlow and its toolchain updates, leading to bad experiences (and we do not have the resources to support them ourselves). We highly recommend using the FIRST Machine Learning Toolchain because we guarantee these tools will work (we maintain them ourselves).

Finally, there is no PowerPoint that we have released with instructions. The official documentation for using TensorFlow are:


Thanks Danny, I’ll pass that info along to the customer that asked. It’s a huge help and you’re so fast. Thank you soooo much!!!

To load a TFLite model to your Control Hub, your PC with the new model should be connected to your Control Hub’s WiFi and see the Blocks/OnBot interface. Access the “Manage” section from the top menu. In the Manage section, click the “Manage Tensorflow Files” then upload your new model.

When you upload this way you only need to provide the filename with extension as the model file in the initialization function, no path.

Coach Breton


Thanks for the comment. I am connected with a usb cable. I have a tflite model in my download area. I have named it and placed the name in to the block custom program.

When I go to manage area and scroll down to the tensor flow area, I click on the verbage and nothing happens.

Am I missing something

Hey there, I just answered this question in your other thread.