Legal vs Illegal Battery

Does anyone know why these batteries are illegal? They seem to fit all of the same parameters and specifications of the Modern Electronics battery. The only difference seems to be the way the way the battery is stacked (with an offset, therefore slimmer width). Is there any way to petition that these batteries become legal for competitive use?

There are a lot of reasons why components are legal vs illegal in FIRST Tech Challenge, though not all of the reasons are (or should be) for public debate. There are a lot of factors to consider, a lot more than I thought were necessary to begin with. Each and every year we consider and reconsider lots of different device categories, including batteries, motors, cameras, and lasers (the last two undergoing a lot of change this season).

You are always able to provide feedback to FIRST via the email address. When providing the feedback, it’s important to not just say “I want xyz legal in competition” but it’s important to say why it’s important, what does the product offer that other allowed products does not, and why is it important for FIRST Tech Challenge teams globally? Does this product have a benefit to all teams, or does it fit a specific niche (maybe it serves a specific use-case or product ecosystem?).


Thank you. I just tried to email the address listed and received a response that my email has been blocked by the address’s server…

Is there another address/person to send the request to?

Thanks so much for your help. I think allowing the battery could be of great benefit to the entire community, especially with the lack of availability of the REV battery. Advantages over comparable available alternative:
At about 2.6 mm slimmer, it fits within goBilda Channel which could be used to secure the battery better, and Does not require an adapter for the power connection (which also improves the security of the power connection) to the Control Hub.


I apologize profusely. There are 2 email addresses:

FIRST prefers that we give out the second email because it does not use the acronym, and I occasionally merge the two together.


No worries! Thanks so much! I’ll send the message to the 2nd and wait to see if I get a response before trying the first.