Machine Learning for separate teams under one coach

When navigating from the dashboard, to one team (I have 3) to FTC Events to Tools to Train a Model, I was able to upload videos for one team, 5477. When I go through a similar pathway starting with TEAM 7120 Bionica, I end up on the upload page for team 5477 instead. I have specific team members permitted to access that area, but once I uploaded Bionica, we realized that not only could 7120 Bionica not see it, but that Innovo 55477 could see 7120’s videos. On the window for that area, instead of Bionica in the upper right corner, it says Innovo. Can you help?

If you log out of, then go to and login from there you should see a team dropdown to select the team you want to use for that session. If you don’t see that team dropdown, please send an email to with the email address of the account you are trying to log in as.

You may also want to also clear any cookies for the domain after logging out and before logging back in.

This is most helpful! Thank you. In the interim, the second coach was able to log in and help with one team upload. This will clear things up for me to use it; I am the primary coach to 3 teams. Thank you!