Managing model files

Trying to upload the Tensor Flow custom model to control hub using web interface. How do I manage the model files? It is currently not possible to overwrite the existing model if the file name is the same.

    If you wish to delete a model that you uploaded you can directly connect you RC (robot controller) via a usb cable. If you are on a phone RC you may have to change the mode from charging to file transfer. Then in your file explorer of choice navigate into the phone directory. Then go to the FIRST folder and then the tflitemodels folder. In there you should see all the models you uploaded. If you wish to delete a model you can delete it from there.

(For more advanced users)
    If you wish you can also use adb and do adb shell rm /sdcard/FIRST/tflitemodels/(MODEL_NAME).tflite to delete a model or adb shell ls /sdcard/FIRST/tflitemodels/ to see a list of your models. From there you should be able to upload a model that has the same name as a previous model. A much easier solution would be of course to just rename your model but I leave that up to you.

Note: You will not see the models provided in the SDK by default (BCDM, BC, DM) in this folder. Those are put into the app asset upon its build and can only been seen by decompiling the dependencies.

- Uday, Team 7350