Model not downloading

I am unable to download my model from the FTC ML. The job state says “SUCCEEDED”. I’ve tried to download on two different machines and it just hangs when we try to download. We have previously been able to successfully download models.

This appears to be only affecting models that you’ve created using the “SSD MobileNet V1 FPN 640x640” starting model, which is a “very large” starting model. We’re looking into it now.


@cmoden Hey there! After looking at the logs, it appears that your model trained properly but in the very next step the system tries to export the generated TFlite inference graph to a file - this step of exporting the graph seems to have timed out. It’s unclear if the timeout is because the model is that much bigger and for whatever reason models of that type now take longer than the timeout that is allocated, or if there was a server issue and the system timed out before the issue was cleared. “Normal” models take just a couple of minutes to export, but that model timed out after about 9 minutes.

TL;DR: Your model is incomplete - it never actually saved - so the link is pointing to essentially nothing, which is why it cannot be downloaded.

I have credited your training time for the time expended to create your model. If you decide to try to create another model with the larger starting model type, let me know if you run into this issue again.

Also, we’re pretty sure you can delete the “broken” model through the interface. We didn’t try. If you find you cannot delete it, let us know and we’ll fix it on the back end.


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