Motors not visable

I have just built our robot with the group, and we are looking at programing using Blocks, but when loaded the motors, despite being fully connected cannot be seen in the actuators tab so cannot be controlled. Has anyone else experienced this, or found a work around?

Usually when this happens it’s because you have no actuators actually configured in the robot configuration. Blocks is a really good tool for new programmers because it manages the device hardware map for you, but you must add devices to your robot configuration before the blocks are made available for you to program with.

Many new people expect the Control Hub to auto detect that devices have been plugged in, like a USB device, but that requires more and expensive hardware (and USB connections are not good over time!). Instead, once you connect a device to the Control Hub you need to specify in the configuration what kind of device you plugged into each port and give it a name (an alias) to make referencing the device easier in Blocks.

Here is a great resource for learning how to connect and configure different devices on ftc-docs.


Fantastic help thank you Danny.