No roles have been assigned!

Can someone from the FTC technical staff fix our issue in regard to “No roles have been assigned”.
my first account is:
Team Name: Lybotics Quanta Team
Team no.: 18549

We face this issue every season, for previous time, my account was linked manually by @crabigator 's efforts.

P.S: i have already sent an email to the ftc team

Thanks in advance

If you’re a student or a mentor, you must ask your Lead Coach 1 or 2 to add you to your team’s workspace (that’s what the link for “student access” is for, to provide instructions on how to do that). If you’re a Lead Coach 1 or 2, then you may need more assistance - email for assistance.


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Hi there,
Thank you for the information. Im actually the main mentor of the team. And we had this issue before where my Toolchain platform account doesn’t seem to be connected with my first dashboard to get the access as a mentor.

Last time, the databases were joined manually by the ftc technical support team. I have sent an email and now waiting for their response.

Than you very much :pray:t2:

This issue should be resolved now. The underlying issue is that International teams have a different set of requirements for “Team Completeness” than North American teams, and all of the back-end systems are tweaked for North American rules. This will again be an issue next season, and you will need to remind us to make the necessary edits in the back-end to adjust again.


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Amazing news, we were really anxious if we can’t make object training works through ftc-ml (We lack ML programming skills).
Thanks for the heads up, i appreciate it soo much.