PermissionValidarorWrapper error when building

I have this error when building the FTC TeamCode to the Control Hub.

I have no Idea why it is doing this.

Is there a declaration for startApplication further up in the file?

In an unmodified file it is at line 59. See:

Also it’s not clear why the error shows a ‘Pn’ appended to startApplication but your source does not.

yes this is the Line

That looks like someone editing that file accidentally put a P there. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that should be “startApplication”.

Stray key presses have to be handled with care.


Yup. I went and modified that line in my workspace, and you’ll see the little gray rectangle appear in the sidebar indicating that line has been modified in that it no longer reflects the last state of the line at the last git commit. That little gray rectangle is in your screenshot as well.

And if you select Git → Current File → Show Diff it will will show you what changed in the file…

Revert that change and you should be good.

Thank you but now I have the problem of not showing up in the Driver station

Did you remove the @disable annotation?