Problems accessing ftc-ml w/ SSO

Greetings Programs!

I’m having difficulty accessing the ftc-ml tool. I’ve followed the instructions posted in section 4.1 of the ftc-ml_manual. I’m affiliated as a mentor for a team and I’ve signed in to my FIRST Dashboard account.

I’m trying to login to ftc-scoring to assign proper roles and I get the following error;

Missing Affiliations?
You have not yet passed FIRST Youth Protection Program screening. Please ensure that is completed and then come back to see your affiliations.

Where do I go to add affiliations and/or submit a YPP screening?


– pdevlin

The error message indicates that you have not been YPP screened.

Information on the Youth Protection Program can be found here.

Youth Protection Program | FIRST

Although at present that is somewhat academic as FIRST has not opened to tooling to teams outside of the limited beta yet. That should happen in the next few days.

Additionally, software currently restricts video upload to only team members with the FIRST dashboard role of Lead Coach/Mentor 1 or Lead Coach/Mentor 2. Team members with the role of Mentor currently can not upload video. So, when FIRST opens the tool to all teams, you’ll need to ask your designated Mentor1 or Mentor2 to upload video for you.

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