Ps4 controllers shutdown Driver Hub?

Has anyone experienced the Driver Hub shutting down when two ps4 controllers are connected to it? Recently, we began using ps4 controllers. For a couple of weeks, we had no issues. Now, after starting the Driver Hub, it shuts down when we attempt to add a second controller.

Yesterday, I mentioned in another thread on this forum about how we’ve had chronic problems with the Driver Hub shutting down unexpectedly. We performed the battery troubleshooting procedures recommended by Rev. Then, we had a period of about two months of stability. Last night, we isolated our most recent shut down problems as being related to the ps4 controllers. Thus, I’m wondering if anyone else has seen that problem; or if there is something we are doing wrong.

Thank you.

Are you using an external battery with your Driver Hub? If you’re using two PS4 controllers, I HIGHLY recommend that you also use an external battery pack via USB-C for your Driver Hub. PS4 controllers actually pull significant amounts of power from the Driver Hub battery as they attempt to charge themselves from the USB ports (even if the batteries of the PS4 controllers are at full charge, they still attempt to charge). If your Driver Hub battery isn’t 100%, I can very easily see two PS4 controllers dragging down your battery power on your Driver Hub.

PS4 controllers are evil that way. Use an external battery to keep the REV Driver Hub from being sucked dry by vampiric charging by the PS4 controllers.


Thank you Danny. Yes, we use an external battery. I will share your wisdom with the students and instruct them to keep the Hub and the controllers at full charge.

Hi. I’d also check that you are not having issues with a particular controller or USB port. I’ve seen instances of both of these. A particular controller can cause the DH to restart when the app starts running, or using a particular USB port can be having trouble and do the same thing.

Do some tests to see if a particular controller or port is causing the problem. eg: run the app with just one controller, and try it in each of the 3 USB ports in sequence. Do it again with the other controller.

If it’s a USB port, put some tape over it so you don’t use it (there are 3). If it’s the controller, mark it and stop using it.

Good ideas. Thank you. I will tell the students to perform some tests to see if they can isolate any problems with the equipment. Meanwhile, they going to start charging the controllers outside of the Driver Hub connection - they were not historically doing that. They were relying on the Driver Hub to maintain the charges on the controllers.