Rev Hardware Client - Motorola Moto E4 / Moto G Play not seen

We have two sets of Motorola phones to control our two robots. One is a set of Moto G Play phones. The other is a set of Moto E4 phones. I’m trying to update the Rev Hardware Client on these phones, but the client doesn’t see the phones. I’ve tried three PCs, installed Motorola Device Manager, and followed all Rev and first troubleshooting steps. The PCs still don’t see the phones. These phones will no longer take new Android operating system versions. Are they just too old to take the Rev Hardware Client updates? Is there a fix or work around that we should consider?

The first thing you need to do is determine if Developer Options has been enabled on the phones yet - the administrative features needed to have the REV Hardware Client see the phones when plugged in via USB aren’t enabled on the phones until the Developer Options have been enabled.

This link also shows how it’s done too: Updating Apps on Phones. Once enabled, just like the instructions in Developer Options says, you need to unplug and then re-plug the phone and authorize USB debugging between the computer and the phone. THEN, and only then, can your phone be seen.

Hot tip: REV Control Hub and REV Driver Hub already have developer options enabled.