Start VisionPortal with processors disabled?

We want to start a VisionPortal with two processors but enable them later. In a copy of the sample ConceptDoubleVision we immediately disabled the two processors after the creation of the VisionPortal ( myVisionPortal = new VisionPortal.Builder() …build()) but it didn’t work - the processors were disabled but we couldn’t turn either of them on via the dpad. So after the call to build() we inserted a loop that waits until the camera state becomes STREAMING before we disable the processors. Now we can use the dpads to enable and disable the processors

Is this the right way to do what we want? The Javadocs are pretty sparse in this area.

Philip Young, FTC Team 4348

Your “we couldn’t turn either of them on via the dpad” thought triggered a thought. Were you trying to do this while viewing a preview on the Driver Station. If so, your problem is that gamepad inputs are disabled while the preview window is open.

If this was the case, then there are a couple of alternate ways to vew your camera preview. You can plug an HDMI monitor into your Control Hub to see the video at full live speed. Or you can use a tool like ScrCpy to view the Control Hub screen remotely.

Thanks for the reply but we were not viewing the camera stream during our experiment.

Can you post a minimal, complete, and verifiable example OpMode that demonstrates the issue?

Yes, I have a verifiable case based on the sample ConceptDoubleVision. But I think I can simplify it to a test case with a single processor. I’ll create a Gist either way.

I’m going to withdraw this issue. I thought I had a self-contained test case but after repeated attempts it does not reproduce the problem.