Training failed - 0 minutes left

We have two teams in our robotics club, FTC team 12000 and 13727. It seems that the ml toolchain was only giving us 600 minutes total. Regardless, we went to train the final model for team 12000 and the videos and even prior models were not there. We loaded new videos, labeled them and made a dataset. But when we try to create the model, it fails and says we have 0 minutes left. We are pretty stuck on what to do next. The autonomous depends on the model.


Something clearly got confused - I looked at your logs, and it didn’t make any sense why Team 12000 has zero minutes remaining given that no training had been done yet. However, the running theory is that a cached session with one team “carried over” when managing the other team.

When administrating multiple teams, you CANNOT be administering both team accounts at once on the same machine. I find that I have to specifically LOG OFF the session with one team before swapping to the other team account, or else the session credentials don’t actually detach EVEN THOUGH everything seems to indicate you’re administrating the other team. And I do NOT mean simply close the browser, often times that isn’t good enough (I will still see the videos from the other team or will be using the other team resources as well).

To log off, follow this process:

  1. Click the “Hello, FTC Team XXXXX” in the upper-right.

  2. Click the big red “Logout” button on the Roles page.

  3. Close the browser.

  4. Open the browser. Navigate to the ftc-ml site. Select the new team to administrate.

I know, it’s a huge pain, but that’s the only way to administrate multiple FTC-ML sessions and not have one bleed over into the next.

I have corrected your account, let me know if there’s anything else you need.