Transitioning from Autonomous to TeleOps made the robot spin

Hi, We are seeking help regarding an issue that happened during our meet:

When we transtioned from Autonomous to Teleop, our robot kept spinnng and the driver couldn’t control it. We were using Gamepad1 for the Teleop so switched everything to Gamepad2 and seem to be OK since then.

Wondering if any other team faced this issue or able to point towards what else we need to do to ensure this doesn’t happen again.


When a gamepad is plugged in to the DS device, the position of the joysticks are established as “zero”. Make sure they are actually at zero, at plug-in.

Thank you!!
We were able to reproduce the issue and know how to fix it now ( detaching and attaching it again fixed it). Anyway to do a software reset during start of teleop?