Trying to run teleop from android studio to driver hub

Hi, We are a rookie team. I have the same problem trying to sync my sample code to the driverhub in teleop mode. I am using Android Studio to sync from the teamcode. But my java class is not detected on the driver station. Any thoughts? I am using windows operating system.
It seems straight forward but it throws weird errors:

Execution failed for task ‘:FtcRobotController:compileDebugLibraryResources’.
A failure occurred while executing$CompileLibraryResourcesAction
Could not isolate value$CompileLibraryResourcesParams_Decorated@45ad95bd of type CompileLibraryResourcesTask.CompileLibraryResourcesParams
Could not resolve all files for configuration ‘:FtcRobotController:detachedConfiguration1’.
Could not resolve
Required by:
project :FtcRobotController
No cached version of available for offline mode.
No cached version of available for offline mode.
No cached version of available for offline mode.
No cached version of available for offline mode.

Possible solution:

Disable offline mode and rerun the build


Let’s first make sure we’re talking about the same thing. From your statement, it appears that you’re trying to deploy your Android Studio code directly to your Driver Hub - as in, you’ve got a USB connected to the Driver Hub, and are actively attempting to deploy to it. Is this the case?

Remember, THIS is a Driver Hub:

Your Driver Hub is just a “wireless dummy head” for your robot - the Driver Hub does not contain anything but the FTC Driver Station App. The Driver Hub connects wirelessly to the Control Hub, reads the software on the Control Hub, and presents a set of options based on what it sees on the Control Hub. When you make a selection and then initialize the program, all of the work is actually being done on the Control Hub and NOT the Driver Hub. Put another way, you can replace the Driver Hub with another Driver Hub or one of the specific Android Smartphones without any changes to your robot code. That’s because all of your Team Code lives on the Control Hub.

Remember, THIS is a Control Hub:

Now that you know this, know that you should be connecting your Control Hub (via USB or wirelessly) to your programming computer. Android Studio should be deploying your software to the Control Hub. In your Android Studio toolbar, your device selection should look like this:


Anything else, and it’s not going to work properly. BUT, you might have meant Control Hub, rookies often get the nomenclature wrong - it happens when everything is called a “Hub.” Haha.

Okay, now understand that it’s absolutely possible (but not useful) to deploy code to your Driver Hub (not that it will get you anywhere, since it will never be executed), and that’s not necessarily going to throw the error you’re seeing. And since you’re a new user, you don’t have the ability to attach images to this post to help you debug.

If all of this looks correct, and you’re still in this situation, it looks like something within Android Studio is confused terribly. In order to “fix” this problem, let’s follow some common “repair” steps:

  1. Clean your Build - Under the “Build” menu Item, towards the bottom of the menu, you’ll find the “Clean Project” command. Do this, and it will clean up your build (it’s possible something got built wrong and it’s gumming up the works. Starting clean and fresh may help). It may take a couple minutes to clean the build.

  2. Clear your Cache - Under the “File” menu Item, 3/4 the way down, you’ll find “Invalidate Caches…” option. Check both boxes, and click the “Invalidate and Restart” button. This will restart your Android Studio once the cache has been invalidated. If something updates at the wrong time you can end up with a confused system, and so this just resets the cache and forces Android Studio to “start with a clean slate” when it comes to compiling your project.

  3. Try again - Once you’ve cleaned your build, and cleared the cache and restarted, and reopened the project fresh, and you’ve got the correct project selected, and you’ve got the REV Robotics Control Hub connected, press the green arrow (or press SHIFT-F10) to build and deploy to your Control Hub.

If this doesn’t help, please contact me at:

And I can try to help you directly. I need you to give me the steps that you took to get where you are.

(0) What version of Android Studio are you using? (Use “Help → About” to tell you)
(1) How did you download/sync the project to your computer?
(2) When you opened the project in Android Studio, did you upgrade any plugins like it asks you to (you should not do this).
(3) What is the path to the project you loaded?
(4) Are you trying to load any additional custom libraries?
(5) Take a full screenshot of your Android Studio screen with the error shown.
(6) Provide me with a full copy of the OpMode you’re trying to compile.


Hi Danny,

Thanks for your response. I resolved the problem. I will referring to not being able to select the TeleOp program from the Driver Hub after connecting to the Control Hub Bluetooth. I uninstalled Android Studio and re-installed and everythign was taken care of. Appreciate your time in volunteering to respond to my question.


I will assume you meant Control Hub Wi-Fi, since turning on the Control Hub Bluetooth is actually difficult (though some teams do manage to do it accidentally) and is not legal in competition. But no worries, glad you got it resolved.