Unable to create a new dataset

Currently, whenever the I attempt to create a dataset, the message I’m receiving reads, “Unable to produce the dataset at this time. Please wait a few minutes and try again.” This happens regardless of how many videos I attempt to include in the dataset.

Did you wait a few minutes and try again later?

When that error pops up, ftc-ml is getting an error under the hood from the Google storage servers saying it’s too busy and cannot process the request at this time. There’s literally nothing we can do except “wait” to see if the storage server is again free later. How much later? “Later.”


Alright, that’s what I figured. yeah, I’ve been trying since this morning. Thanks for the help.

I would just like to throw out there that I have now been trying on and off to get it to work all day, and it has yet to succeed even once.

Hrmmmm, I looked at your image again in your first post and I realized you’ve got a LOT of datasets. Datasets can be tens of gigabytes each (and up!) and so the software has a limit of 20 datasets per team. Are you perhaps running up against this limit, and the software is just throwing the wrong error?

Here’s where you can see the imposed limits for the ftc-ml toolchain:

You can delete datasets (so long as no active models are based on those datasets), and create new datasets afterward.


Well what’s pictured in the background of the photo are all videos, which based on the constants you posted I don’t believe should be counted as datasets. When I open the datasets tab I don’t see any listed.

Thanks for the help btw, I really appreciate it.

Yeah, my bad, I saw the “Produce Dataset” button and thought for whatever reason you were on the Datasets tab, but that’s silly. It’s been a week.

It looks like you’re now able to create datasets. I have no idea what exactly was stalling out in the back-end (when Google servers back up, it does often take a “while” to get things flowing again), but I’m glad to see your issue is resolved.