Unable to upload video to ftc-ml toolchain

So my coach added me as a team member after following the user manual, however, while I am able to see the upload videos, produce datasets, etc. They were grayed out and I wasn’t able to click on them or have access to them. I tried telling my coach about it but he said that it was grayed out for him as well.

What should I do to start training models?


In the ftc-ml user manual, it discusses that only adults designated as Lead Mentor/Coach 1 and 2 within your team Dashboard can upload videos. This is a requirement of YPP. Once uploaded, any students or adults added to your team per the ftc-ml user manual can label videos and create models.



However, my coach (Who should have the role) told me that it was grayed out for him as well. How do you assign a Coach/Mentor role to people?

It is possible for a mentor/coach to be designated as a mentor in the FIRST dashboard, but not designated as Lead Coach/Mentor 1 or 2.

e.g. From an over-mentored team… :slight_smile:

Ensure that your coach that uploads the video has the role Lead Coach/Mentor 1 or 2. Mentor roles alone do not have permission to upload. If your coach does indeed have the proper role, PM me or ddiaz your team number and we can investigate further.

Thank you very much! It worked!