Unplanned versus Planned Downtime


Is there any distinction between Planned and Unplanned downtime? For example, with Planned downtime, my past experience has been to receive advance notification that helps me not to keep checking out the site during the notified time slot(s). Understandably, nothing much can be done about Unplanned downtime.

Just looking for guidance on the operating procedures/policies to ramp up the learning curve for the beta. I held back last from uploading videos last week. Did some video collection with the Team earlier this week and since they don’t have access to the process I wanted to demonstrate the editing process later today. If there is advance notice of Planned downtime then I can reset the Team’s expectations for today’s meeting. That’s all. Thanks for your understanding.

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Did you experience some unplanned downtime?

We have no plans for planned downtime at present, but if we did, we’d put a notification banner at the top of the page similar to the existing banners notifying users of the training disablement.

Note that students, who are registered with FIRST, have access to the entire process except for the upload of video.

Hello @crabigator,

Right now I cannot upload any video. The following image is a screen shot from my Firefox browser (v93.0) running under Ubuntu 21.10.

Perhaps, it is an operator/user mistake on my part. I was expecting that this page would allow me to upload videos. I was able to visit the upload page last week but seem to have lost my way around. Please nudge me a little bit. Appreciate it. Thanks.

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Thank you for the screenshot @baqwas.

That looks like the authentication dance between ftc-scoring and ftc-ml might be confused. While you were logged in, did you click on your name/team number in the upper right corner, which redirects you to the ftc-scoring account page and then start seeing this problem?

If you open the browser settings, navigate to Privacy & Settings, and then click Manage Data in the Cookies section, search for ftc-ml and delete any stored cookies and then go back and hit https://ftc-ml.firstinspires.org again does that fix this problem?

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Thanks, @crabigator! Didn’t have any ftc-ml cookies but flushed out a boatload of unrelated cookies + one ftc one and voila! I’m back in business. Many thanks for your help to resolve this hurdle for me.

Should be an interesting afternoon for the students to watch thanks to your support!

Kind regards.

Hello @crabigator. Just an update. I made the mistake again!! Something weird is happening at my end. Here is are my steps:

  • Followed your original reply to delete unwanted cookies
  • Didn’t find any with ftc-ml prefix but one with ftc prefix
  • Deleted the sole ftc prefixed cookie
  • Navigated to https://ftc-ml.firstinspires.org and recieved the expected screen to upload videos
  • Used browser (Firefox) toolbar button to return to your email to send confirmation reply
  • Navigated to https://ftc-ml.firstinspires.org to start upload activity
  • But, alas, the same screen as my original screen shot posting was displayed

I will work on cookie purging again but just wanted to let you know what was happening in case you have further advice for me. I know how to get it to work (by removing cookes) and this will work for me for now. Thanks.

Kind regards.

Do you have any browser settings that might prevent the storage of cookies? If your browser is throwing away the session cookie that the ftc-ml server is handing it, you might see this problem. That doesn’t imply that ftc-ml shouldn’t handle it better, just searching for probable causes.

Although this doesn’t explain why you might have an ftc-scoring.firstinspires.org cookie and not an ftc-ml.firstinspires.org cookie.

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Hello @crabigator,

You are probably right. My Firefox settings (for cookies) are to delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed. The only challenge is that currently (when the issue arises), I have not closed and re-opened the browser explicitly when the anomaly occurred. I have several tabs open and I switch between these constantly.

Earlier this afternoon, in school, I got the following screen when I tried to logon to ftc-ml site:

This attempted connection to the ftc-ml site was from a Windows 10 machine with the cache completely flushed out. As a result, I couldn’t do any demonstrations with data at the site.

I have a feeling that my Firefox settings are causing the problem. (I have to click the Upload button twice, as another unrelated example). Since I have a workaround for my Ubuntu/Firefox desktop, please consider the issue closed unless you want me to try out something else for the broader interests of the community.

Once again, thank you for being patient and guiding me through self-inflicted issues.

Kind regards.

We think you got unlucky with the red wall of stacktrace text in this last post. That can happen on the ftc-scoring side independent of ftc-ml and usually a refresh will make it happy again.

That said, your communication in this channel has been valuable. We were able to find at least one instance where logout from ftc-ml, but not from ftc-scoring also, can leave the system in a half-logged in state which can have unpleasant side effects.

Note that it’s not entirely apparent, because it doesn’t really need to be, that when you click the Profile url (your name/team number), that clears your session on ftc-ml and takes you to the account profile page on ftc-scoring. If you then click the logout button you are logged out of ftc-scoring. If you navigate back to ftc-scoring, ftc-ml should notice that it doesn’t have a session for you and ask ftc-scoring for your credentials. If you are still logged in to ftc-scoring, it’s all transparent and a session is reestablished for you on ftc-ml. If you had logged out of ftc-scoring also, then you are redirected back to the FIRST dashboard for login.

It’s not entirely inconceivable that we have a bug or two associated with that state where you are logged out of ftc-ml, but not ftc-scoring. All that is to say that this is all a process and in no way should you consider these issues self-inflicted.