Uploading of Videos-slow and scroll problems

After I upload a video, the screen listing all of the videos previously uploaded won’t scroll and I can’t see the bottom of the list as it gets longer. - note: I eventually found that reloading the page allows me to scroll again.

Also, I would like to be able to batch process the uploading and naming of the videos. or at least be able to choose more than one video at a time for uploading. Currently, I have to with until the previous video is uploaded and frames extracted before I can load the next one. This is tedious and time consuming.


Can I ask about your process flow? When I take videos for models, I typically have no more than 2-3 large-ish videos (300-400 frames each) which I then label and combine into a single dataset. When you have a large number of videos, I wonder if you’re doing lots of really short videos of different scenes/poses you want?

Definitely not saying there’s anything wrong with it, but I wanted to make sure I understood your process workflow for taking videos and wanting to upload multiple at a time. Our biggest concern is that allowing a “bunch” of small videos is the same workflow as allowing a “bunch” of huge videos to upload and frame-extract which would be very costly in cloud service time. There were a bunch of trade-offs we had to make regarding “keeping costs manageable” and “increasing usability.”

I will show this answer to the programmers and have them answer your question.
Thank you!

My student says-
We usually take a series of short videos from different angles, each usually between 1 and 2 seconds to capture specific edge cases, like a pink robot behind our pink team marker, or a moving but similar shaped object in the frame, or different lighting angles and luminosities. These edge case videos are then combined with one or two main takes that comprise the bulk of our dataset. This leaves us with one or two large videos, and a bunch of smaller videos. For example, our last dataset had 18 videos with a total run time of about 45 seconds. Two videos were 22 and 12 seconds respectively leaving us with a large number of smaller videos to painstakingly upload.