World Date Change

Hi there,
I noticed that the date for the FIRST world championship intersects with a special Islamic holiday called Eid ul Fitr. This may cause you some problems as a large majority of the FIRST community is Muslim. Please let FIRST know to change it to make it more accessible as many of us may not be able to participate. I have tried emailing 3 different FIRST advisors but haven’t gotten a single response.
Ayan 8872

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FIRST likely doesnt have the capability to change when worlds is this year, because the venue is booked several years in advance.

Hey Ayan,

FIRST prides itself in being an inclusive organization, and take great strides to be accommodating and accessible to students of all backgrounds and religious faiths. Unfortunately the April scheduling of our World Championship competition is incredibly difficult from a number of standpoints; scheduling around school schedules (including standardized testing schedules and social activities such as Prom), religious scheduling (there are 11 major religious holidays in April alone!), and venue scheduling (venues have to be scheduled YEARS in advance, and often there are only a few dates available - and fun fact: there’s only a dozen venues or so in the USA that can handle an event of our size!). FIRST is unable to avoid all possible conflicts, but I am sorry to hear that this may make it difficult for some to attend the culminating event this year.