Granting Students/Team Members Access

Team members, registered with a team on the FIRST Inspires dashboard, are not automatically synced to the cloud FIRST Tech Challenge Scoring system as are Lead Mentors.

For this reason, team members do not automatically get access to the Machine Learning Toolchain

To grant access to the toolchain software to student team members, a Team Administrator (usually mentor1 or mentor2) must log on to and assign Team Member roles to the students who wish to use the toolchain.

Clicking on the Users tab of a team homepage will produce

Then click on Add Role


Use the email that the student used to register with FIRST and select Team Member.

That student may now access the Machine Learning Toolchain.

If you have a team member that has problems accessing the software after being granted a Team Member role as shown above, please post a description of the problem over in the Bug Reports category.

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