Questions about points #2

Reference Questions about points. I was blocked from responding.

I have read the manuals. I cannot find the answers.

In general, Referees tracking scores using the tablets and Scorekeepers working with score inputs do not need to know the score values for individual achievements, nor how they would add together. The scoring system will take all of the inputs and determine the score automatically, including any Circuit bonus, Junction Ownership, etc. that may apply.

The score inputs are meant to reflect the state of the field, though Referees must be mindful of the specific definitions and requirements needed to satisfy certain achievements as described in the Game Manual and Q&A. Once a Referee has determined that the achievement criteria has been met, they input that score into the system and it will calculate the points as appropriate.

For the point value specific questions, I encourage you to download the scoring system and input the scenarios described. For the questions that get at the requirements for something to score or how a situation should be handled, you should seek answers on the Q&A forum or Referee volunteer forum. This forum is meant for questions related to volunteering as a Scorekeeper or providing technical support and guidance on how to use the scoring software and cannot give answers related to gameplay, rulings, etc. as mentioned in the original question.

@cte677, it’s important to understand that this is an official FIRST Tech Challenge forum. As an official forum, we’re not allowed to answer - even unofficially - game-related questions. I understand how frustrating this may be, but game-related questions MUST be answered only on the official Game Q&A site.

I recommend that you be VERY careful when asking these types of questions on unofficial forums (like Reddit, FTC Share and Learn, and so on) because people who confidently answer game-related questions are honestly mistaken most of the time (they 100% believe they are correct, but they are not), so getting a completely correct answer - even from experienced veteran coaches - is a rarity. The only place where you can get a 100% correct answer to your game-related questions is the Game Q&A site, and that’s what it’s there for.

I apologize that we cannot be more helpful, but that is the position we must take.


Thanks for the detailed response. I understand that a tablet is a significant tool for Scorekeepers! That saves them a lot of time.

However, I am striving to help all students in North Dakota to know all scoring details. A tablet does not tell them.

I’ve been unable to access the Q&A forum as I do not have a team number. What is the link to the Referee Volunteer forum? Thanks!

The Referee forum is managed separately because it is tied to the Referee role and training. Volunteers can request access to role specific volunteer forums by emailing You will receive access to the forum thread specific to your role.

Sometimes manuals can be daunting things if you are looking for something specific. Use the “Search” feature if you need something specific.

For anyone else having questions about points, there are some clear places to look in the manual.

Note: this is for PowerPlay Game Manual #2 Traditional Event.

The best explanation of point values is section 4.4 Specifically those sections for each period of the game 4.4.2, 4.4.3, 4.4.5

Note that when the manual just says “Junction” it means ANY junction. If there are differences between heights, they will be specified.

Section 4.6 is also very usefull as a one-page scoring summary.

If the points are not mentioned in these sections then they probably do not exist (other than penalties which are described elsewhere).