Should this forum have a community subtopic like in the old forum?

I created a topic in the Electronics category (Use of Endoscope USB camera) when I realized that it said that there should NOT be any game rule discussion. I was wondering if this forum is a complete migration of the old forum, or if the old forum should still be used for teams helping teams, general discussions, etc…

Obviously this subforum right here is the closest thing to the old forum’s version of general discussion.
It would be great if this Discourse forum could be a complete migration, with subtopics for general discussions and helping others.

(Note: I don’t know why the Hardware subforum can’t be for general discussion involving game rules, as long as everyone knows that those answers aren’t official)

It’s perfectly fine to use these forums for general discussions and teams helping teams. That’s what these forums are for.

However, if a post asks, “Is X legal.” that’s no longer teams helping teams. It is asking about a specific rule and we’d prefer that people don’t answer rule questions here, even if they know, or think they know the answer because these forums are not official and nothing anybody says in these forums are official and it’s not a good outcome if someone goes to a competition thinking something is legal because they read it here and it is not.

So that’s why your topic got locked. So that nobody would answer the question here.

Discuss endoscopic cameras all you want. Talk about how cool they’d be to use. Even go so far as to say, “Has anyone asked about their legality over on ftc-qa?” Just don’t ask, “Are they legal?” here for the aforementioned reasons.

Thank you for the explanation!

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